DirectShot CEO to Present at INTX 2016

Andrew Walworth, founder and CEO of DirectShot Video Reports, will be a featured speaker at INTX 2016 at 1:15 PM on May 16 at the Boston Convention Center.

INTX is the National Cable Television Association’s annual conference and expo. The three-day event brings together leading people and companies in the digital media and communications industries.

Walworth was invited to demonstrate DirectShot’s patented automated video production process as part of a session called “The Experiential Sports Spectacular.”

The session will be held as part of the  “Imagine Park” series on the live events stage at INTX.  According to INTX, Imagine Park is a forum to present “the boldest, brashest, most compelling ideas ever for advancing the art of the possible over Internet and television networks.”

“We’re excited to debut DirectShot at INTX,” said Walworth, adding “Imagine Park is the perfect setting to introduce our new company, and to showcase our ability to instantly produce targeted, personal video reports for fantasy sports players.”

In addition to founding DirectShot, Walworth is the CEO of Grace Creek Media, Inc., a full-service television production and distribution company. Among Grace Creek’s holdings is SportsSkool Networks, the IPTV platform and on-demand cable channel.

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